Client Love


“Love Is The Only Thing That Grows When Shared”

Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Anxiety of Driving over Bridges, Public Speaking, General Anxiety, (OCD not specifically worked with)

“Before working with Marina, I was struggling in how to help heal unprocessed experiences, suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs. I was initially drawn to her kind energy and approachability. Within minutes of working with her, I felt safe to open up and share. I told Marina things that I have never told anyone else. After our initial session, I felt hopeful and confident in our approach together. After four weeks, I started driving over a large bridge again. I even followed through with a large presentation in front of 40 people. My OCD with checking doors and ovens had decreased significantly. I couldn’t have done it without the skills, support and compassion provided by Marina. If you are stuck, struggling or ready to go deeper in your healing journey, please reach out to Marina.”

Tessa, Port Orchard, Washington, USA

Corporate Professional

Testimonial for Depression

Nike, Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Cologne, Germany

Testimonial for Confidence & Uncertainty in Business

Mariya Shiyko, PhD, Life & Business Coach, Boston, USA

Testimonial, from Hopelessness to Positivity, Anxiety & Constant Migraines relieved

Erik, UK

Testimonial for Confidence in Business

Phoebe, Hawaii

Confidence and Boundary Setting

“It was quite a deep and emotional session as I went to some scenes in my past which were difficult in a way as they represented times and situations where I did not have a voice and I was overlooked.

I had asked to work on boundaries and why I find it difficult to speak up.
The therapy session put me back in situations from the past but I went back as an adult who was capable to stand up to the bullies in the past who had traumatised me. That gave me the self-belief to address and acknowledge what had happened to me and that it was not okay. The emotional part of the session was going back to me as a baby and give myself the unconditional love that I had never received.

I was washed out and emotional after the session but I had a sense of peace and resolution.
Since then I have noticed that I am able to have a voice and say things clearly and powerfully and not then go into the cycle of guilt and that if acted too emotionally. By being able to set clear boundaries and speak up when others overstep my boundaries , I have noticed dramatic differences in how others around me act.

It has also enabled me to step away from situations that unhealthy or amazing without feeling guilty. I can recognise situations that trigger those old feelings of inadequacy and not react in the same way. I feel more empowered and confident in myself and my ability.”

Sue, London UK

Medical Doctor

Confindence in Business, Money Mindset, Spider Phobia

“I contacted Marina because I felt that a blockage in my finances was rooted in negative beliefs.  It was my first time having Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and quite honestly it was one of the most powerful healing modalities I’ve tried.  I felt quite low before the session, my moods would dip suddenly and then be up and down.  Following the session and the follow up recording, I really felt a great sense of appreciation for my life on a fundamental level.  Because my initial issue was quite general, I knew there wouldn’t be immediate results but I was wrong! A week after the actual session, I started to receive more work opportunities and this was at the beginning of lockdown so I was shocked.  Since then I’ve had a steady stream of work and my finances are better than pre-lockdown.

During the session my fear of spiders came up and so Marina did a Kinetic Shift to help me with my phobia. For the first time in my life, following the session, I was able to catch two spiders in a glass and safely put them outside.  I could never have done that before.

I cannot recommend Marina’s work enough. She has changed my life and setting me on a path of true wellbeing.”

Michelle Johnson, UK (name changed as required by client)

Artist, Entrepreneur

Confidence, Performance Mindset

“I was really struggling with my confidence and I was hung up on a lot of previous life experiences where I was holding on to a lot of emotions that no longer served me , but after working with Marina, I was able to overcome these thoughts and beliefs within such a small amount of time which I was astonished by, and as a result, for the first time in my life I finally feel confident and happy, something I never thought I could feel. I finally feel free!

I would absolutely recommend Marina because she has literally changed my life and she was a joy to work with. She made me feel comfortable and gave me all the support I needed through every part of the journey.”

Jordanne Whiley,

Athlete, Entrepreneur

Relationship & Trust Issues, Trauma

“My friend recommended I saw Marina when I was severly struggling with trusting my spouse. I felt as if I did not know him at all, that I was being manipulated and could not go on a single day longer living a lie. It felt incredibly urgent. I had tried many talking therapies in the past, including CBT, which had helped me better understand myself but I never felt got to the core of my problems or helped me feel differently. I knew that childhood experiences caused me issues now but I couldn’t see the full picture and I couldn’t stop the feelings of not being good enough in every aspect of my life.

From my first session with Marina I felt calmer. I had never heard of EFT before but during the sessions I would sometimes have the most powerful sense of clarity. It was very comforting. I would leave the sessions feeling physically lighter, even after talking about very difficult things.

Some very traumatic memories were unpacked for the first time in my life, and although this was unnerving I felt safe exploring these with Marina. I always felt I was in control even though I didn’t know where my mind would take me. As time went on and I made discoveries and links between my past and current/past behaviours I began to feel stronger. I felt empowered both in my personal relationship and at work where I was also struggling with confidence. I had more belief in myself that I was a good person and could let go of a lot of things I had been feeling guilty about for a very long time. The recordings were very comforting to listen to and would have an immediate effect of making me more relaxed and at peace.

I feel more at ease now and that I am able to cope with whatever life throws at me. I still experience low mood days or overwhelm but I have a greater belief that they will pass. It feels great to believe that my husband loves me because I am good enough, even though we will argue sometimes. I have realised, that although I may never fully understand everything in my past, I am not to blame and that I do my best. I also have an easier, less responsible, relationship with my Mum, which I think is due to better understanding and empathy.

Marina is incredibly kind, committed and has a calming presence. She would never rush me and I always felt like I had her support, which was important to me when tackling experiences which I had always been ashamed of. Her approach is more personal than other therapists I have seen and she is also very pragmatic, which was ideal for me and maybe the issues we were dealing with. I would always recommend Marina.

Lots of love and many thanks.”

Susan, London, UK (name changed as prefered by client)

Corporate Professional

Anxiety, Trauma, Finding Purpose

“Before working with Marina, I was in a place of uncertainty and feeling very insecure within myself, but after our time together, I was able to let go of my old emotions that were holding me back and as a result I felt so much more happier and content. I felt as though the blockages had finally been released and I was confident in moving forward in my life, both personal and professional.

What I liked most about the technique is that I instantly felt like years and years of holding onto trauma had left my body. I felt very safe in exploring this with Marina. We also worked on my purpose which added to me feeling in harmony with who I truly was.

I would absolutely recommend Marina because she is warm, caring and is amazing at what she does. She is a natural healer.”

Michelle, Hertfordshire, UK

Confidence, Anxiety, Migraines, M.E.

“Marina is a beautiful soul and wonderful therapist. She worked with me, using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, or Tapping) via Skype, to relieve a variety of physical and emotional symptoms I’d had at that time including: M.E., frequent migraines, neck pain and anxiety.
Marina showed such care, empathy and patience as we worked on each issue in turn until my symptoms were much improved. She guided me through each session, demonstrating the tapping points and suggesting suitable phrases to incorporate into each round of tapping. I now use EFT tapping with confidence to help keep my health and wellbeing on track.
I will always be so grateful to Marina for helping me to get through what was a very challenging time in my life and I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for a kind and compassionate therapist.
With love and thanks.”

Julia Jones, UK

Food & Weight Issues

“I was recommended Marina’s EFT sessions by a colleague who was seeing her for fear of flying, I had mentioned to her my relationship with food and she wondered if Marina could help. I reached out to Marina who was confident that she could help me rediscover a healthy relationship with food and after looking at a research video of what EFT was I was a little sceptical that this would be the answer I had needed to stop myself from binge eating crisps and over eating at meal times. But I went along to the first session and I am so glad I did!

Marina instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease and explained the process to me and I was keen to get going. I noticed a difference in my eating habits within days of my first session and since then I have a completely different relationship with my food, I have not stopped eating the food I was overeating, I am just now able to enjoy it without feeling guilty and it has helped me lose weight as I now subconsciously make better choices. Aside from the main issue we were tackling, I left every session with such high energy and a huge smile thanks to Marina, so much so that I am almost sad that my issue has now been resolved and I no longer need the sessions. However, Marina has equipped me for life with the skills to keep tapping should I need to and I can’t thank her enough!”

Sarah, London, UK

Corporate Professional

Depression, Feeling Trapped & Stuck

“I have been struggling for some time with feeling very trapped and stuck with my life.  This has intensified over the last year and I have been fighting it out with depression and cycles of very negative thoughts.  The RTT session with Marina was not easy.  I was in a place of distress and was on the verge of breaking the session off.

I can only say that Marina was terrific.  She held the space and, in the end, I realised that I felt safe enough to be in this state of distress.  I trusted the process. I feel I have come through and am now handling things on a different level.

Marina is more than capable, very professional and empathetic.  She listens and was an excellent guide to lead me through some difficult emotional spaces.  If you are struggling in life and need a ‘safe space’ to help you pull through, I would highly recommend her services.”

Cari Caldwell, London, UK

Emotional Trauma, Limiting Beliefs

“I came to Marina for some EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) therapy, something I had not had before but to which she recommended as I was carrying a lot of past deep-set emotional trauma. I found her sessions to be highly effective. Tapping through old traumas I wasn’t even aware I was affected by! Marina is kind, sensitive soul with a gift for identifying words and phrases which related to my past experiences. Experiences which I previously had brushed off as insignificant but yet were actually very important, if not crucial to my healing. That is the beauty of EFT, what you feel was a minor experience may turn out to a limiting belief holding you back in life. After and even during Marina’s sessions I felt lighter and able to let go of past negative experiences, it’s a very peaceful place to be and highly recommend this lovely, talented lady with pride and pleasure!”

Samantha Lynne, UK

Human Behaviour & Motivation Consultant